Amazing turn out at Imperial Science Festival 2016

On a wonderfully sunny Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th May 2016 Imperial Clinical Research Facility attended the Imperial Science Festival in South Kensington with the stand ‘Fun With Vaccines’. The purpose of this stand was to highlight what vaccine clinical trials really involves and dispel the common myths surrounding vaccine research involving healthy volunteers. We had an excellent turn out with a lot of you being interested in fining out more about us.

The Fun With Vaccine stand was split into three sections where members of the public were offered the chance to play our vaccine myth busting quiz game or our recruitment game involving five vaccine trials and over 30 volunteer characters. We also offered people of all ages to play our ‘can you copy this?’ Lego virus game where you could learn about how to build an Ebola virus, Influenza virus or a bacteriophage structure.

Games tableBusy stand

We asked member of the public the question ‘Why would you choose to take part in research?’ at our voting station and the results are in.

I want to help others: 130

Financial reasons: 35

To help  find new treatments for a health condition I have: 40

Someone in my family has been ill: 43

Voting Tubes Imperial Science Festival

We also took the opportunity to talk to people about becoming a healthy volunteer in one of the many studies currently taking place at the ICRF.  If you would like to find out more about taking part in our research studies please email or call 0203 313 6107. You can sign up to our healthy volunteer database here:

Amazing turn out at Imperial Science Festival 2016