Celebrating International Clinical Trials Day!

International Clinical Trials Day is celebrated around the world on or near the 20th May each year, to commemorate the day that James Lind started a famous trial on the deadly disease scurvy way back in 1747.

International Clinical Trials Day provides a focal point to raise awareness of the importance of research to health care, and highlights how partnerships between patients and healthcare practitioners are vital to high-quality, relevant research.

To celebrate this important day Imperial CRF has been at the entrance of Hammersmith Hospital to raise awareness of research and answer any questions that the public may have on clinical research.

Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Adviser at the Department of Health  statement for today is:

“Clinical Trials are a vital element of the work supported and funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). Our role is to develop the research evidence to support decision making by professionals, policy makers and patients, make this evidence available, and make it available through publication to encourage its uptake and use.”


As some of you may know the NIHR ‘Ok to Ask’ campaign recently wrapped up the 2016 survey where current or past volunteers were asked about the experience as a volunteer. We received a total of 106 responses from our volunteers, both healthy volunteers or patients.

See the results of our survey below:

Total Number of people that took the survey: 106
Patients 23
Healthy Volunteers 83
Reason for taking part in the study
Personal Benefit 42
Family Member Illness 4
Financial Gain/Payment 35
Altruistic Reasons/Helping Others 71
Other 12
Explanation given for the study was thorough
Yes 106
No 0
Recommending to friends and family to take part in research
Yes 101
No 2
Depends 3

We would like to thank you for taking part in healthcare research and making a difference! If you would also like to take part in research you can sign up to our database here.


Celebrating International Clinical Trials Day!