Inpatient and outpatient facilities

  • Inpatient

    02_ictem_clinres_07-pt-bpThe CRF’s core opening hours are 8am to 8pm Monday to Thursday and until 6pm on Fridays, and we are open as required for overnight stays Monday to Thursday. Additional hours including weekends may be arranged where necessary.

    The CRF has 13 in-patient beds consisting of 10 standard beds in the male and female wards and three side rooms. The inpatient area offers the following:

    • Side rooms available for patients involved in protocols demanding isolation, e.g. gene therapy, virus challenges, sleep studies and radioisotope studies.
    • Two negative pressure side rooms to prevent the release of airborne contaminants.
    • Gene therapy suite including a lab with a class II microbiological cabinet for preparation of genetically modified organisms.
    • Bedside monitoring equipment linked to the central nursing station
    • A lounge area with television, PCs and games consoles providing entertainment for long-stay volunteers. iPads and laptops are also available for participant use within the clinical areas.
  • Outpatient

    02_ictem_clinres_29The CRF has nine outpatient rooms. These offer the following:

    • Four consulting rooms
    • One consulting room modified to provide cardiopulmonary exercise  testing
    • Individual temperature adjustment of the consulting rooms
    • Four patient monitoring rooms containing two recliners each to allow comfortable space for infusions. The monitoring rooms have flexible partitioning which can allow four subjects per room.
    • Clinical measurement room