PRB Dates

There are two PRB meetings per month, normally held every other Thursday. Please ensure that all documents are received by the last submission date for the meeting or they will be deferred to the following one.

Month Meeting 1 Last submission date Meeting 2 Last submission date
Jan-21 14-Jan-21 07-Jan-21 28-Jan-21 21-Jan-21
Feb-21 11-Feb-21 04-Feb-21  25-Feb-21  18-Feb-21
Mar-21 11-Mar-21 04-Mar-21  25-Mar-21  18-Mar-21
Apr-21 08-Apr-21 01-Apr-21  22-Apr-21  15-Apr-21
May-21 13-May-21  06-May-21  27-May-21  20-May-21
Jun-21 10-Jun-21  03-Jun-21  24-Jun-21  17-Jun-21
Jul-21 08-Jul-21 01-Jul-21  22-Jul-21  15-Jul-21
Aug-21 12-Aug-21  05-Aug-21  26-Aug-21  19-Aug-21
Sep-21 08-Sep-21  01-Sep-21  22-Sep-21  15-Sep-21
Oct-21 14-Oct-21 07-Oct-21  28-Oct-21  21-Oct-21
Nov-21 11-Nov-21  04-Nov-21  26-Nov-21  18-Nov-21



Jan-22 13-Jan-21 06-Jan-21 27-Jan-21 20-Jan-21