MS:TSPO 2 study

An experimental medicine study to validate the 18 kD translocator protein as a novel neuroimmunomodulatory target in multiple sclerosis


What is the purpose of the study?


Etifoxine and XBD173 are drugs which temporarily change the activity of a protein called TSPO in the brain. We would like to know whether these drugs could be a potential treatment for multiple sclerosis.

What does the study involve?


The study involves two visits to the Hammersmith Hospital, seven days apart. The first visit is a full day and the second visit is half a day. On each visit we will take blood. In between the visits, we will ask you to take one of drugs (called etifoxine or XBD173) for a week.

You may then be invited back to the Hammersmith Hospital for a further two visits (visits three and four). These will be the same as visits one and two, except that between visits three and four, we will ask you to take the drug which you did not previously take (etifoxine or XBD173).

You will be reimbursed £300 for participation in the study, as well as for reasonable travel expenses.

Who is eligible?

  • Healthy volunteers
  • Ages 35-65 inclusive.
  • Both males and females

If you are interested, contact us on

MS:TSPO 2 study