UCDA Study


We are looking for volunteers who are on the waiting list for bariatric surgery and have diabetes or pre-diabetes to take part in a research study.

The study involves attending our research unit for 3 visits before surgery, lasting half a day each, during which volunteers will have a nutritional milkshake and some blood tests.

After surgery volunteers will be assessed by our doctors at 6 months post-surgery and at 12 months post-surgery. Reimbursement of travel expenses of £50 will be paid.

We hope that this research will help future patients with diabetes who are deciding whether bariatric surgery is the right option for them.

We are looking for:

  • Male or females with diabetes or pre-diabetes on the waiting list for bariatric surgery
  • Aged 18-65

For further information please contact Dr McGlone via email at: e.mcglone@imperial.ac.uk

UCDA Study